Quality Control


・Inspection line
・Air shower
・Ion parts cleaner
・Tray cleaner
・Bottle cleaner

[ Clean room ]
Constant ventilation and positive pressure∗ prevent any dust and foreign contamination due to access by people to keep the room clean.
* Keep air pressure high.

  • [ Carry-in ]
    Remove contamination on a carton box completely by a clean roller and pass though air shower before taking it into the cleanroom.
  • [ Air shower ]
    Wear personal equipment (e.g. hood, clothing, shoes) exclusively for cleanrooms and pass through air shower before accessing the cleanroom.
  • [ Inspection line ]
    Inspect all products in every detail based on specified standards to detect any crack, flaw, tone, dirt or defective printing.
  • [ Ion parts cleaner ]
    Remove dust and foreign matters attached to containers by a static air blower.
  • [ Tray cleaner ] Self-developed equipment
    Trays and cushioning materials are liable to static electricity and attached with dust easily.
    Keep these materials clean effectively by a dedicated neutral blow air cleaner.
  • [ Carry-out ]
    After inspection, deliver products through the double curtain exit.
  • Sampling inspection
    Check functions and appearance with the standard sample.

Inspection (Measurement / Function test)

・Vacuum desiccator
・Constant temperature reservoir
・Height gauge
・Digital torque meter
・Digital force
・Weight scale

  • Vacuum test
    Leakage test by reducing pressure with vacuum equipment
  • Constant temperature test
    Weather resistance test under extremely high (low) temperature
  • Compression / Tensile test, etc.
    Durability test, etc. for screw caps and OVERCAP
  • We also perform other inspection according to the product type.
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