Quality Control

Quality Control (Measurement / Function test)

・Vacuum desiccator
・Constant temperature reservoir
・Height gauge
・Digital torque meter
・Digital force
・Weight scale

  • Vacuum test
    Leakage test by reducing pressure with vacuum equipment
  • Constant temperature test
    Weather resistance test under extremely high (low) temperature
  • Compression / Tensile test, etc.
    Durability test, etc. for screw caps and OVERCAP
  • We also perform other inspection according to the product type.


・Inspection line
・Air shower
・Ion parts cleaner
・Tray cleaner
・Bottle cleaner

[ Clean room ]
The air is constantly circulated in the room and the room is designed to prevent the entry of dust or foreign matter when the door is opened or closed and people leave or enter, keeping the room clean.

  • [ Carry-in ]
    Remove contamination on a carton box completely by a clean roller and pass though air shower before taking it into the cleanroom.
  • [ Air shower ]
    Wear personal equipment (e.g. hood, clothing, shoes) exclusively for cleanrooms and pass through air shower before accessing the cleanroom.
  • [ Inspection line ]
    Inspect all products in every detail based on specified standards to detect any crack, flaw, tone, dirt or defective printing.
  • [ Ion parts cleaner ]
    Remove dust and foreign matters attached to containers by a static air blower.
  • [ Tray cleaner ] Self-developed equipment
    Trays and cushioning materials are liable to static electricity and attached with dust easily.
    Keep these materials clean effectively by a dedicated neutral blow air cleaner.
  • [ Carry-out ]
    After inspection, deliver products through the double curtain exit.
  • Sampling inspection
    Check functions and appearance with the standard sample.
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