• [ Mold factory ]
    • We make high-quality and durable molds with our reliable technological capabilities.
    • We offer a wide range of molds, from injection molds to direct blow molds.
    • Above all, we are specialized in molds for thick PP / PET insert molding.
  • ♦ Mold

    NC milling machine "AEV5A85"
    NC electric discharge machine "V55FATC8"
    Surface polishing machine "MSG250H2AO/H"
    Laser welding machine "LW1VFLEXX"

Plate Making

  • [ Plate making factory ]
    • We produce highly-accurate plates which can be used for elaborate letters or designs.
    • We accept any type of ink, while ensuring plate durability.
    • We offer plates according to your requirements such as printing thickness and the amount of coating.
  • ♦ Plates

    Stretching machine, screen tensioner "MP5"
    Dryer for plate making "SD-A2 (800x1100)"
    Screen frame box-type exposure machine "SK,P-201 (600x900)"

Injection Molding

  • [ Injection factory ]
    • We have a good track record of highly airtight cream jars and one-touch caps.
    • We also have an extensive experience in thick PET jar and insert molding.
    • We achieve glossy surface just like paint.
  • ♦ Products

    NEX110III-18E (110t)
    FNX220III-71A (220t)
    NEX4000-36E (180t)
    FNX-180 180t



Injection Blow Molding

  • [ Injection blow factory ]
    • The features of our products include transparency and smooth texture.
    • The spout of our products demonstrates highly-accurate dimensions with minimal dispersion.
    • Our molding machines are multi-piece, and best for mass production.
  • ♦ Products


Direct Blow Molding (Including multi-layer)

  • [ Direct blow factory ]
    • We offer not only single-layer molding but also multi-layer (4 types / 6 layers) molding including EVOH layers which achieve excellent barrier properties.
    • We accept a wide variety of size, from a low volume to a high volume.
  • ♦ Products



  • ⟨Equipment⟩
    Machine for dip tube cut
    Snap-on machine

    [ Machine for dip tube cut ]
    We cut pipes in a V- or U-shape so that its end should not absorb to the inside of containers.

Vacuum Metalized

  • [ Vacuum metalized factory ]
    • We offer high-quality vacuum metalized with highly-accurate operating conditions and management.
    • Our products are metallic finish but offer different colors.
  • ♦ Products

    Large vacuum metalized machine

Paint (UV paint)

  • [ Paint factory ]
    • We offer high-quality paint with highly-accurate operating conditions and management.
    • We have established the highly-effective and clean paint line.
    • We offer a wide range of texture and color, including glossy, mat and gradation.
  • ♦ Products

    UV spindle paint machine


  • [ Printing factory ]
    • We accept printing on curved surface.
    • We also accept printing on blow containers with squeeze.
    • The maximum printing range is 2,800 mm round (diameter: approx. 90 mm).
    • We offer high adhesion strength printing with different processes such as neutralization and frame finishing.
  • ♦ Products

    Model-701 TAKAGISHI (Thermal dry)
    SK-350-S (Thermal dry)
    Machine 249 2colors(UV dryer)
    Machine 249 3colors(UV dryer)

Hot Stamping / Transfer

  • [ Hot stamping factory ]
    • We accept hot stamping / transfer on curved surface.
    • We also accept hot stamping / transfer on blow containers with squeeze.
    • Roller hot stamping is available.
  • ♦ Products


Shrink / Labeling

  • ♦ Examples of shrink products

    [ Shrink ]

    • Possible to closely contact to a container which has uneven surface or taper shape.

    MS8451-4 (Hot air system)

  • ♦ Examples of labeling Products

    [ Labeling ]

    • The available size is from 8 mm to 120 mm in diameter.
    • For cylinder-shape products, we offer round labeling and two-sided (front and back) labeling.
    • For oval- or rectangular-shaped products, we offer two-sided (front and back) labeling.

    BLG2000 / LR-X1

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