Diversified General Molds

"GLASEL (THAILAND) offers numerous attractive containers and our customers can easily select their favorites."
Easy to use original molds are abundantly available.

GLASEL Thailand owns many in-house-built molds that can be used by any customer. Instead of constructing molds from scratch, choosing an in-house mold eliminates the mold fee and ensures fast delivery, thus reducing cost and speeding up response. For example, GLASEL (Japan), our affiliated company, stocks innumerable molds in-house, and thus enjoys an excellent reputation among customers. Drawing on its expertise, GLASEL Thailand will offer an increasing number of diverse molds built in-house to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.
For more information, please look at our product catalog and visit our website.
It is also possible to create a container with completely original features including the shape.
Regarding the design, we will propose the ideal solution to give concrete form to the shape you desire. Mock-ups created from 3D data and with a 3D printer enable you to check the shape.
Molds can then be built quickly.

We have a showroom where you can pick up and examine actual items.


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