Corporate Philosophy

お客様に信頼され働きがいのある会社 人にやさしい製品を情熱をもって創る会社 技術向上につとめ高品質を追い求める会社

高品質な容器を 一貫生産で安定供給

The Asian market growing day by day.
Not only quality but also its needs is increasingly diversified.
Under these circumstances, what is expected is flexibility which enables to properly recognize and cope with the change of the times, mobility which enables to quickly provide expected products,
and high quality and stable supply of products.
Supported by high reputation and trust acquired by GLASEL CO., LTD.,
our affiliated company, we demonstrate high technological capabilities and excellent quality management by making the best of our accumulated know-how.
We, as an innovative container manufacturer, seek to be of service to you.

株式会社 グラセル 代表取締役社長 谷村敏昭

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